Thursday, 18 January 2018

Berkshire League and Southampton League Results


Berkshire League
Division 1
Basingstoke 3 1/.2  Bourne End A  2 1/2

Having gone through 2017 without winning a match in the ultra strong Berkshire League Division 1 Basingstoke have made a winning start to 2018.
Wins from Steven Jones, Liam Blanc and Jamie Chilton plus a draw from Ivan Stipcevic recorded the points for 'stoke.

Southampton League
Division 5
Basingstoke C 3 Chandler's Ford C 1
Wins for Almeo Bontigao, Archie Archibald and Adam Matthews send 'stoke to the top of the league.
In a graded additional game Shwetal Bhatt also recorded a win for 'stoke.

Other result:

Henshaw Tourney:
Yasmin Phillips 0 Philip Ware 1

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