Sunday, 16 September 2018

Basingstoke chess club AGM notes

Basingstoke Chess Club AGM notes.

* The existing officers were all re-elected.
John Shaddick - President
Peter Beldaus - Treasurer
David Graham - Secretary

* The club will be entering three league's with five teams.
1) Berkshire League (1 team)  Division 1
2) Borders League  (3 teams)  Divisions 3 , 5 and 7
3) Southampton League (1 team) Division 2

* The Club Juniors had a very successful season. Five juniors reached the Giga-Finals and Yasmin Phillips became the first girl player to win the Basingstoke Junior Chess Championship.
Daniel Yu has been invited to join the England squad at his age group.

* The Summer Tourney Presentations were made by Club President John Shaddick
Dick Boxall Trophy  -  Steven Jones (Group A winner)
Roy Ashmore Cup - Graham Phillips (Group B winner)
Adam Matthews - Group C winner.

The Junior Summer Tourney was concluded in June with Bryan Vaz and Jacon Goodchild sharing the first prize. The Trophy for this event is the Sir Emmanuel Kaye Trophy.

* The club confirmed that they will no longer be hosting County matches.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Basingstoke Chess Club - Annual General Meeting 2018

Basingstoke Chess Club:

Annual General meeting:

Notice is given of the club annual general meeting on
Wednesday 12th September 18 at 7.30pm

The agenda has been circulated to members.

Summer Tourney Results 29th August'18

Summer Tourney Results -  29th August'18

Group A:
Daniel Yu 2 David Graham 0
Steven Jones 2  Daniel Yu 0
Liam Blanc 1 Steven Jones 1

Steven Jones wins group A. Many congratulations to Steven

Plate Final:

Graham Phillips (group B winner) v Adam Matthews (group C winner)

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Discovery Centre/Library morning Thursday 23rd August'18

Discovery Centre/Library Chess morning

A meeting was held on the morning of Thursday 23rd August'18
During the event a minimum of 20 were in attendance.

Summer Tourney Results 22nd august'18

Summer Tourney Results:
Wednesday 22nd August'18
Group A
Steven Jones 2 Jamie Chilton 0
David Graham 0 Steven Jones 2
Ivan Stipcevic 0 Liam Blanc 2

* Steven Jones starts with 4 points and is now one point behind Liam Blanc.

Group B
Graham Phillips 2 Ed.Howard-Jones 0
* Graham Phillips wins Group B

Group C
* Adam Matthews is the winner of this group.
* One remaining match is Yasmin Phillips v Adrian Smith

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Discovery Centre/Library event

Discovery Centre - Library event.

A Chess morning was held at the Discovery Centre on Tuesday 14th August'18.
A minimum of 18 were in attendance including several complete beginners.

Summer Tourney Results

Summer Tourney Results:

Group B
Philip Ware 0 Ed Howard-Jones 2
Ed Howard-Jones 1 John Shaddick 1
* The group winner will be decided in the very last game in this group when Ed Howard-Jones plays Graham Phillips.

Group C:
Peter Beldaus 1 Adrian Smith 1
* Adam Matthews is now confirmed as the winner of this group. Congratulations to Adam !!.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Summer Tourney Results Wednesday 1st August'18

Summer Tourney Results:

Wednesday 1st August'18

Group A:

Liam Blanc 2  David Graham 0
* Liam joins Jamie Chilton at top of group having played 4 games less.

Group C:
Adam Matthews 1 Peter Beldaus 1
Adrian Smith 0 Shwetal Bhatt 2

* The games between two of the leaders (Adam and Peter) ends all square.
Adam leads the group by 2 points.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Summer Tourney Results 25th July'18

Summer Tourney results - 25th July'18

Group A
Daniel Yu 1 Jamie Chilton 1

Daniel starts with a draw

Group B
John Shaddick 1  Barry Kocan 1

Barry and Grham Phillips continue to lead.

Group C
Adam Matthews  1 1/2  Adrian Smith  0 1/2
Peter Beldaus  1 1/2 Shwetal Bhatt  0 1/2

Adam is in the lead

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Summer Tourney Results 18th July'18

Summer Tourney Results:

Group A
Ivan Stipcevic 2  Jamie Chilton 0

Early days in this group but Ivan starts with two points.

Group B
Graham Phillips 1 Barry Kocan 1
The games between the two leaders end level.

Group C
Yasmin Phillips 0  Adam Matthews 2
Adam Matthews takes the lead in this group.