Thursday, 14 June 2018

Summer Tourney

Summer Tourney 2018

The first results in this years Summer Tourney

Group A;   Jamie Chilton 1 Liam Blanc 1

Group B:  Philip Ware 0  Barry Kocan  2

Group C:  Peter Beldaus 1 Yasmin Phillips  1:     Adam Matthews 1 Shwetal Bhatt 1

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Basingstoke Junior Chess Championship - 2018

Basingstoke Junior Chess Championship - 2018

An entry of 19 Junior chess players took part on Saturday 9th June'18 in the above Championship.
The standard of many of the games was good and there were many very close games.
Going into the last round no fewer than 4 players were still in contention.
George Daymen, Edison Brown , Jacob Goodchild and Yasmin Phillips.
Wins for Edison Brown and Yasmin Phillips took them to 5 points and the top of the group.
In the play off Yasmin Phillips with the white pieces produced a good checkmate in a close game in a Queen and Rook ending. This enables Yasmin to claim the Robin Higgs Trophy and the first girl player to do so since the competition started in the 1970's.

All entrants received a trophy after an enjoyable mornings chess.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Southampton Chess League

Southampton Chess League;

Basingstoke have entered two teams into the Southampton Chess League.

Basingstoke A will compete in Division 2 with
Fareham  A ;  Hamble B;  Southampton C;  Winchester A and Andover A

Basingstoke B will compete in Division 5 with
Chandlers Ford C; Chandlers Ford D; Winchester D; Fareham B and Salisbury D

Basing 5 1/2 Kempshott 2 1/2

Basingstoke League

Basing 5 1/2  Kempshott  2 1/2

Basing win the league and the Alekhine Cup

Monday, 4 June 2018

Central 4 Junior Club 4

Basingstoke Chess League:

Central 4 Junior Club  4

All four junior club players Daniel Yu, Yasmin Phillips, Ted Mayne and Edison Brown managed to record points.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Basingstoke League Results

Basingstoke League Results:

The latest results from the Basingstoke League;

Junior Club 1  Basing 7
Daniel Yu with a win for the Junior Club.

Central  6  Kempshott 2
Central put in the big guns for this fixture with Steven Jones and Liam Blanc in the team.
Central lead the league with one round to go.

Family Chess Morning Saturday 19th May 2018

Family Chess Morning;

The final family chess morning of the season was held at the Discovery Centre on Saturday 19th May 2018.  A good attendance of 26 minimum took part and as always our thanks go to those who helped out with the coaching.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Basingstoke League Results

Basingstoke League Results:

Junior Club 2 1/2  Kempshott 5 1/2

Wins for the Juniors by Daniel Yu and Yasmin Phillips plus a draw from 7 year old Edison Brown.

Central  4  Basing 4

Bracknell 0 1/2 Basingstoke 5 1/2


Berkshire Plate Tarrant Trophy
Semi final 

Bracknell 0 1/2  Basingstoke 5 1/2

Wins from Steven Jones, Liam Blanc, Ewart Smith, Barry Kocan, Philip Ware and a draw from John Shaddick enable Basingstoke to reach the final of the above Berkshire League competition.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Fixtures week commencing Monday 13th May'18


Monday 13th May'18

Berkshire League
Plate Competition
Semi Final

Bracknell v Basingstoke

Wednesday 15th May'18

Basingstoke League

Juniors v Kempshott
Basing v Central